My name is Samarth Tewari I am a freshman at Mission San Jose High School. I with my community wish to save local restaurants while providing you with necessary information to eat out during this health/economic crisis.I decided to create this website after my mom refused to let me get takeout, " They are not clean" she said. I however refused to believe this and decided to do some research on some restaurants. As I was researching I figured, this is the information people should know to stay safe in this time of crisis. 


Alameda County inspects every restaurant to see if they meet their standards. They release the inspection data and all of the violations that restaurants had ( for example, the food contact surfaces weren't clean). For every restaurant on this site I sifted through all of their violations (if they had any) and saw of any of their violations were corona related. One example of a corona related violation would be employee's not using gloves and washing their hands ( all corona related violations are below). If a restaurant had such a violation I made note of it. If it didn't have any violations I considered the restaurant safe to eat at. According to the FDA restaurant's following good hygiene habits keep the risk of spread low which is good for everybody.


Accessing Restaurants

A Lot of LOCAL FREMONT restaurants will permanently shutdown 

From Aerospace industry to construction workers everybody is struggling in the wake of COVID-19 crisis. However, the industry which has probably been hit the hardest is restaurant industry, particularly, local restaurants. With no end in sight, these local establishments are heading towards a very tough time. Most of them would probably NOT survive if the shutdown continues even a few more weeks. That is unless we all do something about it. 

So lets all pull together to save our beloved restaurants and prevent Fremont from turning into a dense jungle of national / international / regional chain restaurants. 

We urge you to please order from local restaurants. 

If you are concerned about food safety, rest assured that a great number of these restaurants have impeccable food safety record. We know because we checked. Please go to "methodology" page to read further.